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We are thrilled1 to welcome you back, dear reader2 after a two-month holiday. Our summer has been spent preparing a whole new magazine for you as we gear up3 to celebrate out 200th edition. But first, what does #ET 199 have in store4 for you? Well we know how much you love travelling and culture which is why in Travel we have planned a visit to Vienna to mark the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven. Gastronomy is another of your favourite sections. This month in Food & Drink we look at some different ways to make hummus without the chickpeas. Your taste buds5 will be surprised…and delighted! If you have taken a short break6 from your English studies, don’t worry. We will help you manage up7 in Business English and you can strengthen your adjectives and express your likes and dislikes in our language sections. If like us, you have a sweet tooth9, you’ll be more than happy to help us celebrate International Chocolate Day this month. In At Large we tell you more. Also returning after a break from the limelight10 is Adele. We can’t wait to see what songs she has prepared for us as she releases11 her first new music in 5 years. All this and the power of intuition in Psychology means that English Today is back with a vengeance12 and raring to go13. Follow us! We are on Facebook @EnglishToday and on Instagram @english_today_magazine. We will be sharing contents and previews all through the month. Seguir leyendo

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